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21 Feb 2017

We are open every day, no matter what! Snow or roadworks sometimes cause delays.

Sometimes roads are closed.  Check the NSW Roads and Maritime Services website for updates.

Every region of Australia sometimes experiences road works, bushfires, storms, floods and other natural events, which sometimes cause travelling delays.  

Note: When there is snow in the area, be sensible!  Prepare for snow covered and icy conditions, just as you would if you were going to the ski fields, or wait until the snow has gone.

Roadworks - from Feb 27 to March 31, Edith Road, between Dudley Street and Titania Road is closed. If you are approaching Jenolan from Oberon, use Duckmaloi Road instead, and allow about 20 minutes extra time getting to Jenolan.

However, don't let the unexpected discourage you from visiting Australia's most spectacular caves. Just give yourself more time - there are always alternative routes to Jenolan Caves.

Jenolan Caves has opened every day within living memory. In 1942, there were near closures, due to wartime fuel shortages and bushfires, but even then, closure turned out to be unnecessary!

However, for your safety, if you hear about dangerous conditions, such as bushfires, take all warnings seriously.The Rural Fire Service website and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services website provide comprehensive information about weather and road conditions in our rugged region. As always, we STRONGLY recommend that you check these websites, before your trip.

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