Jenolan Caves

Easy Blue Lake Loop

This is our easiest and shortest walk. It takes you from the Grand Arch, and around the manmade Blue Lake, which is home to several platypuses

Platypus forage for food on the bottom of the lake, resurfacing approximately every two minutes. However, a platypus can hold its breath for up to ten minutes. Look for bubbles on the surface. Wait quietly and you may see a platypus come to the surface, swim for a few seconds and then return to the bottom. Platypus are extremely shy creatures. We do not know of any other public place in New South Wales, where visitors can watch them in the wild, almost every day.

The path leads you beyond the reservoir wall and down some stairs. Then, a bridge leads you across the Jenolan River and back, along the other side of the lake, under De Burghs Bridge (built in 1896) and back to the Grand Arch.

The Blue Lake is illuminated at night, for romantic evening strolls.

Length: 700 metres round trip
Time: 20-30 minutes return
Difficulty: easy


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