Jenolan Caves

Night Tours, including Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts

We offer a series of popular tours, from 8pm to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays. Usually, these special tours are not available during the day.  If you enjoy walking and climbing stairs, you will love our fantastic night tours! 

Note that these night tours are suitable for age 10 and above.

Friday 'Off the Track' tour More of an adventure than a show cave tour. Wearing a helmet, you see old caves that are no longer on the show cave tour trail - perhaps our most intriguing tour.
Saturday Legends,Mysteries & Ghosts tour By torchlight, hear Jenolan's mysterious & strange stories of the unexplained. Offered every second week.
  Extended Orient Tour Explore the stunning Orient Cave plus sections of the Lucas and River caves - great value.
  Extended Baal Tour Explore the stunning Temple of Baal Cave plus sections of the Lucas and River caves - great value. Offered alternate weeks to the Legends, Mysteries and Ghost tour

For selected days during these NSW school holidays only - if you are staying overnight, try our new 'Day Breakers', 'Night Crawlers' & 'Grave Diggers' bush walks.

Dinner & Accommodation

Night tours are even more fun, if you do not have have to drive home afterwards.  We have accommodation for all needs and budgets.  If you book an early dinner in our restaurant, you will have time to join your 8pm tour. 


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