Jenolan Caves

Extended Baal

Temple of Baal Cave Plus More

For energetic visitors, who enjoy walking and climbing stairs, The Extended Temple of Baal Tour is an exciting and adventurous tour which takes you through three of our most spectacular caves.

Great value for money, this tour allows you to experience:

  1. the evocative Temple of Baal Cave
  2. sections of the shadowy and labyrinthine River Cave, including the awe-inspiring ‘Pool of Reflections’, and
  3. sections of the massive Lucas Cave.

The Extended Temple of Baal Tour does not run every day. Please check our timetable.

Pool of Reflections, River Cave, Jenolan Caves

Inspection time:  2 hours
Fitness level:       strenuous


Why not stay overnight! Make sure you book accommodation early. Stay at least one night, to experience more activities, both above and below ground. Don't forget to try our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant

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