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Escape to Jenolan Caves - 9 Great Reasons

October 22, 2021

9 great reasons to escape to Jenolan

From Friday, October 29, we are reopening for weekends – cave tours, hotel, café and restaurant. Let Jenolan be your Spring escape. There are many benefits.

Improving Your Health

Your thighs will thank you!  Jenolan is fantastic for your legs!  As you explore any of our 4 huge, spectacular caves, you will be so engrossed that you won’t even notice the workout that you will be getting.  You will blow the cobwebs out of your cardio-vascular system too, in the fresh mountain air, without even realising it – a perfect start to Spring.

A Distraction You Won’t Forget

You can forget the real world. Jenolan is like a hidden world that time has forgotten. Our heritage-listed hotel, Caves House, where each guestroom is unique, lets you step back in time. It’s a chance to read a book or write a postcard. And if you are not into history so much, you can choose to stay in our Mountain Lodge, which does have TVs, phones, fridges and microwaves – great for families.


Who doesn’t crave a bit of romance - maybe dinner for 2 in Chisolm’s Restaurant, the grand dining room from 1926? Jenolan has always been extremely popular for honeymoons. But you don’t have to be on a honeymoon to feel the romance of being in nature, the caves and the history.

Feel Important

You can feel like a VIP in our grand dining room.  Caves house was built with an enormous grand dining room, completed in 1926. It is now our magnificent Chisholm's Restaurant. Chisolm’s, was built in the fashionable Art Deco style. Lofty columns, high bay windows and imposing ceiling, deeply embossed with strong geometric patterns, define it as a place where important people dined. You can enjoy all the refinement of those features, which, along with a warm open fireplace, are still there, along with a huge wine and drink list.

Unclutter your mind

Relaxation helps calm and clear your mind, so you can cope better with stressors.  Picture yourself exploring deep underground for an hour, resurfacing for light lunch or a snack under a spreading purple wisteria – maybe with a beer or glass of wine. Then after exploring another cave, relax in Jeremiah’s Bar, upstairs in Caves House. In Chisolm’s, enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner and, finally, retire to your comfy bed – pleasantly tired and content.

Learn Something New and Fascinating

Psychologists say that learning new things helps us develop confidence. The more you learn, the more you want to learn, develop and improve. This helps us be more resilient when life gets stressful. All our cave tours are fully guided, and our tour guides are friendly, helpful and above all – interesting! You will learn lots of new things as you explore Jenolan’s caves. Jenolan boasts the most spectacular caves in Australia and the world’s oldest – so bring your camera.

It’s easy

A great holiday should also be easy.  Holidays are always easier when you can book and pay for everything ahead of time. You can book and pre-pay for a cave tour or a high tea or dinner or a lunch in Chisolm’s Restaurant. But why not celebrate Spring by staying overnight at historic Caves House - dinner and breakfast are included in the price.  Easy!

Use Your Dine & Discover Voucher

Still got a Dine & Discover voucher?  Jenolan is the perfect place to use it.

Small, Intimate Tour Groups

We are following social distancing rules, so that means that we can have only a few people at one time on each cave tour – no crowds.  This makes each tour a more intimate experience. Facemasks are compulsory, and we are happy to give you one, if you forget yours.

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