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Guide to NSW Karst & Caves - When people think of Aussie holidays, they think of beaches and kangaroos! But CAVE SYSTEMS are much more mysterious, mindboggling and awe-inspiring! Did you know that in NSW alone there are more than 2000 caves? Now, the NSW government's Karst & Geodiversity Unit has produced a handy and colourful guide to caves that you can visit.

The Vertebrate Fauna of the Jenolan karst Conservation Reserve - Jenolan Caves are home to bats, owls, wallabies, quolls and other animals. The surrounding forests and woodlands are also home to an impressive array of wildlife. Some 235 native terrestrial vertebrate animals and birds have been recorded. The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service) has published a fascinating report - very educational and of interest to teachers and students!

Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Strategic Plan 2009 - Comprising over a million hectares of spectacular eucalypt and mountain landscapes, the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area was inscribed on the World Heritage List in November 2000. The area supports outstanding biodiversity values, with over 100 eucalypt species, in an extraordinarily diverse area, rich in natural and cultural values, within 60km of Sydney. This Strategic Plan provides the broad management principles for the area, and establishes the framework for the integrated management, protection, interpretation and monitoring of the values of the eight reserves that comprise the area.

Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve Draft Conservation Management Plan, Volume 1 Report - The aim of this report, jointly commissioned by the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW and the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, is to develop new visionary policies, strategies and actions to ensure the retention of the significance of the place, while allowing for adaptive reuse, possible future development and ongoing management and maintenance of the Reserve.

Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve Draft Conservation Management Plan, Volume 2 Inventory Forms



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