Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves is part of the NSW Government

Jenolan Caves acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land at Jenolan, the Gundungurra and Wiradjuri peoples, and pays respect to all elders both past and present.

Our Mission

To manage the natural and cultural heritage and the visitor facilities of Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in an environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable manner.

We value

Staff for their professionalism, commitment, creativity and knowledge
Teamwork by working together with our colleagues and our external partners to deliver a wonderful experience to our visitors
Integrity by respecting and dealing ethically, impartially and honestly with each other, our visitors and external partners
Customers by ensuring all visitors receive the highest standard of service
Innovation by a process of continuous improvement, across all facets of our operation, in seeking new ways to meet our stakeholders' needs and optimise our profitability
Environment by protecting and enhancing the sustainability of the karst environment, and by conserving the indigenous and historic cultural heritage of Jenolan
Aboriginal Heritage by respecting its knowledge and culture, both traditional and contemporary, and encourage and support the involvement of Aboriginal people in our work.


Jenolan Caves reports to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Our Aims & Objectives

The main goals of the Trust are:

  • the care, control and management of the Jenolan Caves Visitor Use & Service Zone,
  • ensuring the protection of the natural and built environment
  • encouraging the enjoyment of the area by visitors through the promotion of the historic, scientific, educational, cultural and environmental values of the area.

Jenolan Caves' significance to NSW

The Jenolan Caves Visitor Use and Services Zone is regarded as being both environmentally and culturally significant, as well as an iconic tourist facility within the state of NSW.

The Visitor Use and Service Zone includes a variety of caves, accommodation, walking tracks, picnic and recreational areas. The Trust provides interpretative information on the geological, cultural and historical background to the area. The beautiful limestone caves and the associated reserve are of important geological, geomorphological and palaeontological value, and play a vital role in conserving rare and endangered plant and animal species.

The reserve also contributes to our understanding of Aboriginal culture and European heritage, and is widely recognised for its interpretative, research and educational importance.

Although the reserve is a significant regional centre for recreational and tourist activities, conservation is a principal focus. The relationship between the commercial, natural and cultural environment is complex but well integrated within the operations of the Trust.

The Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve has World Heritage status, as part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area listing, and is also listed on the State Heritage Register.

Jenolan Caves are an iconic tourism destination for NSW and are significant tourism assets for the Blue Mountains and Central NSW tourism regions. Operations at Jenolan are important to the regional economies and provide motivation and stimulus for visitors to travel further into regional NSW.

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Jenolan Caves Heritage Asset Management Plan 2007 (2,277kb)

Pollution Incident Response Management plan (221kb)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan Flow Chart (227kb)

Sewage Treatment Plant Analytical Results

JCRT Complaints Lodgement Procedure

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