Jenolan Caves

Ghost or Geological Phenomenon?

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on January 22, 2015
Long time cave guide, Geoff Melbourne, tells how he believes he had a conversation with a ghost in Jenolan Caves. But could it have been a geological phenomenon experienced in 'haunted' locations all over the world?

Mysterious Origins of a Blue Mountains Icon

Posted by David Hay & Carolyn Melbourne on February 20, 2015
Who started the 1895 fire that destroyed the original hotel at Jenolan Caves? Why, in 1897, did the New South Wales Government replace it with a grand hotel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere?

Kissed by a Nun

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 11, 2015
Overexcited nuns, polar bear taggers and ghosts! The tour guides at Jenolan Caves have great stories.

She Didn't Bat an Eye

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on April 14, 2015
Would you keep your cool if a bat flew down your shirt?

Basking in the Sunshine of Royalty

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on May 29, 2015
The king slept here! Yes it's true, although at the time, he wasn't the king yet.

The RW Mystery

Posted by David Hay & Carolyn Melbourne on June 18, 2015

Toot! Toot! All Aboard for Jenolan Caves!

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on July 8, 2015
At Valley Heights, you can step into history - an authentically restored First Class Buffet Carriage from the original 'Caves Express'. This really is a 'hidden gem'!

Are You a Day Breaker or a Night Crawler?

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 15, 2015
Free during the NSW school holidays, Jenolan Caves is offering new morning and evening guided bush walks - Day Breakers and Night Crawlers. They are designed to give overnight guests the chance of spotting some of the native birds and animals that thrive in the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.

Crying Happy Tears

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 15, 2015
Something about the Jenolan Caves inspires marriage proposals. But in the course of their work, cave guides have to take such unexpected things in their stride.

Tiny Sleeping Village Awakens

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on November 11, 2015
About 40 minutes north of Jenolan Caves sits the historic village of Hartley, one of the finest collections of historic buildings in Australia. In 1869, after the town was bypassed by the railway, Hartley sank into a deep slumber. But now, thanks to state government funding, the beautiful little town is undergoing a reawakening, with delightful surprises for the curious.

Gain First Hand Insight into Ancient Aboriginal Culture

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne & David Hay on December 5, 2015
Starting December 13 and continuing through the NSW school holidays, visitors to the Jenolan Caves, in the Blue Mountains of Australia, have the opportunity to learn about the Gundungurra, the local ancient Aboriginal culture, first hand.

Underground Ecstasy

Posted by Lisa Sampson on December 5, 2015
Find out what happened when a member of an unusual fan club entered the underground Cathedral Chamber.
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