Jenolan Caves

William Blakely - His Lifelong Love Affair with Eucalypts

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 6, 2020
Twenty years ago, on November 29, 2000, the Greater Blue Mountains Area was inscribed as a World Heritage site, mainly for the staggering number of eucalypt species. For such a thing to be of world-wide significance, worthy of being protected for all time, we can only imagine the years of field study, collecting and mapping. How did all this work even start? Is it too big a stretch to suggest that it started in the late 1800s, at Jenolan Caves?

How Can You Measure the Ghosts at Jenolan? With a Spirit Level!

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 12, 2020
Halloween is coming up. It seems a very appropriate time to share a few of Jenolan’s ‘ghost’ stories. Our tour guides have heaps of them – tales of the unexplained - some have been passed down for years. We have so many ‘ghost’ stories, that it’s hard to know which ones to pick for a short article like this.

World’s Oldest Caves Never Stop Changing

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 14, 2020
October 11 to 18 is Earth Science Week. Our planet constantly changes, and Earth Science helps us understand why. Exploring Jenolan caves is not only fun, but a learning experience, so we can understand the land on which we live, and know a bit more about how and why it constantly changes. We were amazed in 2006, when scientists announced that Jenolan Caves has been existing and changing for at least 340 million years.

Birdwatching at Jenolan - How Tweet it is!

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 19, 2020
Jenolan has been a wildlife sanctuary for 100 years this month.

Jeremiah Wilson - Can We Ever Really Know Him

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 24, 2020
Jeremiah Wilson, Jenolan's resourceful, charismatic first Keeper of the Caves, was born 180 years ago this week, on October 23. He proudly made Jenolan into a successful holiday destination. His enviable career culminated in unexpected disaster, that we still can't explain. Can we ever know what he was really like?

The Bat – Creepy Symbol of Halloween

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 26, 2020
One day you may find yourself enjoying a fascinating cave tour, when out of the corner of your eye, you detect a flicker of movement, high up in the shadowy limestone formations. You as soon as you look, it’s gone. Microbats flit so fast that by the time your brain registers the movement, the tiny creature has vanished. People are often frightened of bats, and the poor little things are so ugly, no wonder they are associated with Halloween. But although they look creepy, bats help the environment.

Spine-Chilling Stories from the Underworld

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on October 28, 2020
Maybe these strange incidents have logical explanations. Whatever! Don’t let these stories put you off visiting Jenolan and staying overnight. Jenolan is a place of fun, love and adventure. We can't help it people love to be scared.
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