Jenolan Caves

Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds ~ Stephen Hawking

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on November 9, 2020
One hundred and twenty-three years ago this week, Jenolan’s fabulous Aladdin Cave was discovered. This article pays tribute to the quiet and unassuming man who discovered it – Frederick John Wilson.

George McRae - If Only He Had Known

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on November 18, 2020
The plans for the 2nd wing of Caves House were signed off 113 years ago last week, on November 12. McRae built a massive 3rd wing on Caves House in 1914. A few years later, McRae cut short his own life. If only he knew how much joy and romance Caves House has brought to the people of NSW since then.

Jenolan's Eerie Shortcut to Underworld Wonders

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on November 24, 2020
A well-meaning person once said, "There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going." They didn't know what they were talking about. A shortcut always takes you to where you really want to be. Sixty-six years ago, at Jenolan we opened our own shortcut - a tunnel, named The Binomea Cut - allowing easy access to the caves. At 122 metres long, when it opened, it was “The longest man-made tourist access tunnel in Australia.” With so many natural tunnels at Jenolan, why was a manmade tunnel even necessary?

Wiburd on the Wireless

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on November 30, 2020
In November, one of Jenolan’s most well-known historical figures would have turned 154. In 1886, after his doctor had given him only 3 weeks to live, James Carvosso Wiburd came to Jenolan. Not only did the doctor’s prediction fail to come true, but Wiburd worked at Jenolan for 45 years. Wiburd experienced innumerable changes in the Aussie way of life, even at isolated Jenolan, where automobiles replaced horse and cart, electric lights replaced candles, and radio became a major form of entertainment. In fact, the miracle of ‘wireless’ was soon broadcasting the magic of Jenolan to the world.
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