Jenolan Caves

Lord Hampden's Verdict - Weird and Wonderful

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on December 3, 2020
One hundred and twenty-four years ago, on December 2, 1896, Lord and Lady Hampden, Aide De Camp Captain Sloane Stanley and others set out on an official visit, to marvel at the subterranean wonderland of Jenolan Caves.

Jenolan Christmases Last Century

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on December 7, 2020
What do you usually do on Christmas Day? How do you think your great-grandparents might have answered that question? These days, because we all lead extremely busy lives, convenience is king. An increasing number of Aussies want to get together with loved ones, to savour delicious wine and memorable Christmas feast, where someone else does all the work. It’s interesting to go back through newspapers to the world of 1900 to 1950, and discover the different ways that Christmas Day was handled in the old days of Jenolan, when the world moved more slowly.

His Name is Spoken with Respect

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on December 9, 2020
His obituary described him as “quiet and unassuming”. Although he seems to have shied away from attention, nearly a century after his death, Robert Bailey's name is spoken with respect at Jenolan. Find out why.

The Strange Jenolan Paradox of 1917

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on December 14, 2020
This month, on 27 December, one-hundred and three years ago, the stunning Orient Cave opened to the public, to great fanfare. Yet 1917 was also the most terrible year in Australia’s history! Paradoxically, it was one of the best years in Jenolan’s history. Perhaps historians can tell us how it happened.
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