Jenolan Caves

Those Bold Imperial Cave Explorers (Or Daring, Discovery and Dirty Deeds)

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 4, 2020
Cave exploration is difficult and dangerous. It's important for people to receive credit for their discoveries – at Jenolan even more so, because it contains many caves, each discovered by different explorers. But with the passage of time, confusion surrounds the discovery of at least one of Jenolan’s caves – the Imperial.

Here Comes the Bull!

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 15, 2020
And then, (this is a little known fact) to meet the high standards of guests and to ensure an abundance of fresh meat, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables for the Grand Dining Room, Jenolan started its own farm.

The Ups and Downs of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallbies

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 24, 2020
September is Biodiversity Month. Biodiversity has been called the ‘web of life’. Spring is the perfect time to visit Jenolan, when biodiversity can be clearly seen. At Jenolan, if you explore one of our bush tracks ) you are likely to spot many birds and animals in the wild. Jenolan’s colony of Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies is a good example of a rare species that lives wild in the Jenolan valley.

No Matter How Chaotic Life Is...

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 25, 2020
Delicate and often short-lived, wildflowers have come to symbolise joy, freedom and resilience. How many poets have compared beautiful women to wildflowers? Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow said, “No matter how chaotic life is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.”

Lord Fat Jack - A Legacy of Triumph and Tragedy

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on September 29, 2020
In 1902, a bushfire destroyed one of the staff cottages at Jenolan. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The occupants moved, and the bush slowly concealed the only clue that a house had ever stood there – a lone chimney. Recently, staff rediscovered the ruin, exposed by last year’s bushfires. We realised that it must be a piece of long-lost history – Jack Edwards’ cottage.
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