Jenolan Caves

A Mighty Cave, Named for a Mighty Man of Vision

Posted by David Hay and Carolyn Melbourne on January 5, 2021
Even today, with technological aids such as mapping and digital survey equipment, caving is an inexact science. Cave exploration is still a case of wriggling down a hole and hoping to find something! In 1860 it was far more dangerous!

Not Fit to Live on Land

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on January 12, 2021
Sailing was his lifelong passion. In fact, he was the first to circumnavigate the world in a private yacht. To whom do we refer? Adventurer and philanthropist, Lord Thomas Brassey, First Earl Brassey and Governor of Victoria from 1895 to 1900. Lord Brassey travelled all around Australia, visiting Jenolan Caves in January 1898.

“I Don’t Like Cricket. Oh No, I Love It!” ~ Quote from 10CC song, 'Dreadlock Holiday'

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on January 14, 2021
It’s summer, the season of cricket. Every year, this age-old sport allows us to set aside the world’s woes and partake in the drama, the excitement, the saga that is cricket. Cricket appeals to young and old, and it is played in even the most isolated regions of the world. Even Jenolan Caves once had its own cricket club, which competed again other clubs from the villages around the Central West of NSW. Read its story - and ponder its mystery.

The Jersey Cave – “Emulating the Sinuous Fashion Common to Corkscrews”

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne & David Hay on January 20, 2021
The strange and enigmatic Jersey Cave, with its thylacine bones and crystal fir trees, was discovered in January 1891. Start losing weight and getting flexible now, so you can experience one of our weirdest cave tours, when social distancing is over.

The World is a Dangerous Place to Live – Quote by Albert Einstein

Posted by Kath Bellamy & Carolyn Melbourne on January 25, 2021
Albert Einstein is probably not the first or last wise person to say, "The World is a Dangerous Place to Live In." One of the dangers is the bushfire season. As in many rural, wild and leafy regions, over the years, the inhabitants of Jenolan have had to defend their homes and facilities from destruction on several occasions, sometimes unsuccessfully.

1926, When “The Empire’s Greatest Living Soldier” Visited Jenolan

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on January 29, 2021
In January 1926, Australia was honoured by a visit by the 'Bloody Bull', British Field Marshall Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, First Viscount Allenby, GCB, GCMG, GCVO - career soldier and hero - dubbed 'The Empire's Greatest Living Soldier'.
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