Jenolan Caves

Women of Our Past Inspiring Women of the Future

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 10, 2021
When we think of the history of Jenolan Caves, we imagine treacherous subterranean waters, ancient, unforgiving rock and impenetrable darkness, as brave men risked death to explore the alien underworld. And yes, this aspect of Jenolan’s history is so exciting! Such exploits inspire and fire the imagination of each generation. But it’s a little-known fact that from way back in the 1860s, there have been just as many women working at Jenolan, supporting the men and the business. Their work was not glamourous.

How a Shortcut Became an Endurance Challenge

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 12, 2021
This is the story of how a humble bridle track nearly disappeared, but then became famous as a marathon track.

Wilson's Delight - Absurdly Vulgar

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 24, 2021
An 1893 newspaper printed the following rude comment about Jenolan Caves, “perhaps there has been no more striking instance of absurdly vulgar and inappropriate naming than the calling one of the beautiful caves recently discovered in the Jenolan series 'Wilson's Delight.' … Preserve us from such a, to say the least of it, snobbish name.” What terrible thing had happened? Find out more.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men - The Royal Visit of 1927

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne & David Hay on March 29, 2021
When the Duke and Duchess of York visited Jenolan Caves in 1927, not everything went as planned!
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