Jenolan Caves

Into the Coach House of the Devil Himself

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on April 12, 2021
James Whalan was determined to find his stolen bullock bows and chains. He was even hopeful of retrieving one, maybe even two, of his missing horses, which he was certain had also been pilfered. He started his search near the small cave where he and his men had recently captured that thieving scum, McKeown.

Jenolan's ANZACs

Posted by Kath Bellamy & Carolyn Melbourne on April 22, 2021
ANZAC Day is almost here. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and NZ forces during WW1. Three years ago, to mark a century since the end of WW1, Kath Bellamy, of the Jenolan Caves Historical & Preservation Society, did considerable research to find out about members of the tiny Jenolan community who joined Australia’s defence forces way back then.

Our Heritage for the Future

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on April 27, 2021
The National Trust Australian Heritage Festival goes for a whole month, from April 18 to May 15. The festival started 40 years ago and has become Australia’s largest history festival. “This year the theme is ‘Our Heritage for the Future’ as we look with twenty-twenty vision to the importance of all facets of heritage in honouring the stories of our past, celebrating lived heritage as it evolves in the present, and looking to the future to ensure the stories of our culture, significant historical and natural places and Indigenous heritage is protected for future generations.”
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