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How did Christmas in July (Yulefest) Get Started?

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on June 22, 2021
In many parts of the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas in July has become a fun way to bring old world warmth and whimsy to the dull and chill days of Winter. Therefore, you may be surprised to hear that 'Christmas in July' is not unheard of in the Northern Hemisphere also - in Summer. How did 'Christmas in July' ('Yulefest') start?

To All Those Who Lead Monotonous Lives

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on June 16, 2021
“To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they may experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure.” This is how one of the world’s greatest crime novelists, Agatha Christie, dedicated her novel, The Secret Adversary, published in January 1922. That year, she embarked on a 10-month voyage through the British Empire. And her Australian leg of the journey took her through the Blue Mountains to the dark and mysterious Jenolan Caves.

Sir John Stonehaven - The Ostentatious Viceroy

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on June 21, 2021
On 21 June 1926, their Excellencies, the Governor-General and Lady Stonehaven, attended by Flight Lieutenant A. P. Davidson, A.D.C., left Sydney, on a ‘meet the people’ tour covering Mt Victoria, Jenolan Caves, Oberon, Bathurst, and Orange.
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