Jenolan Caves

1884 – Correcting a Geographical Absurdity

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on August 5, 2021
137 years ago, on 19 August, 1884, our caves were officially named the Jenolan Caves. Previously, the caves had been known by a variety of names, causing confusion.

1931 Ribbon Cave Opening - Vulgar Snobbery or Desperate Measure?

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on August 10, 2021
Who would have thought that a trip to Jenolan Caves could cause a political backlash! In August 1931, during the world's worst economic crisis, the Governor Sir Philip Game, and a substantial party of VIPs, made their way to Jenolan Caves in the middle of a snowstorm, to have a great time, open the Ribbon Cave and stay overnight. Their aim was to encourage tourism and score points in their electorates. 

Jenolan During WW2 - Oasis in a Turbulent World

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on August 17, 2021
When we look back through the unusual history of isolated Jenolan, one thing stands out – Jenolan is a world apart. The indigenous people regard it as a special place, where the waters had healing powers. Jenolan has always been an oasis, amidst a world of troubles, a place of fun, mystery, adventure and romance, where time sometimes seems to stand still, somehow. On 14 August 1945, the Second World War was finally, over. How did Jenolan fare during those war years?
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