Jenolan Caves

Animal Sanctuary for Over a Century

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 3, 2022

Illumined by the Light of Another World

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on February 28, 2022

1929 – The Very Crown Jewels of the Commonwealth

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on July 27, 2022
At Jenolan Caves, on the wall of the spectacular Grand Arch, there is a tarnished plaque, commemorating Jenolan’s early cave explorers. And the unremarkable photo above, shows a group of dignitaries, all men, unveiling that plaque, in the monochrome gloom of 1929. A group of onlookers complete the grey tableau. However, a closer look at the image reveals that the elderly man unveiling the plaque wasn’t just any anyone – he was one of the great Aussie heroes of the era – Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David! So famous was this humble geologist, that in his lifetime, his name became a household word in Australia. So what was he doing at Jenolan Caves?
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