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Caves House Secret Art Collection

Posted by David Hay & Carolyn Melbourne on November 5, 2014
Jenolan Caves House, one of the most iconic Blue Mountains hotels, contains a collection of historic photographs and a smaller but interesting collection of modern, Australian paintings, by Blue Mountains artists. Visitors to Jenolan Caves can easily view these collections.

Mysterious Origins of a Blue Mountains Icon

Posted by David Hay & Carolyn Melbourne on February 20, 2015
Who started the 1895 fire that destroyed the original hotel at Jenolan Caves? Why, in 1897, did the New South Wales Government replace it with a grand hotel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere?

Kissed by a Nun

Posted by Carolyn Melbourne on March 11, 2015
Overexcited nuns, polar bear taggers and ghosts! The tour guides at Jenolan Caves have great stories.
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