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Are You a Day Breaker or a Night Crawler?

September 15, 2015

Platypus, commonly found in the Blue Lake, Jenolan Caves

FREE during the NSW school holidays, Jenolan Caves is offering new morning and evening guided bush walks - Day Breakers and Night Crawlers. They are designed to give overnight guests the chance of spotting some of the native birds and animals that thrive in the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.

Jenolan Caves are situated in a vast nature reserve, on the western edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. There are extensive caves, underground activities, bush walks plus the rambling historic hotel, Jenolan Caves House.

All year round, crimson rosellas charm day visitors. It is also very common throughout summer, for day visitors to see water dragons, up to a metre long, sunning themselves on the road and paths around Caves House.

Rare Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby at Jenolan Caves, in the Blue Mountains.However, there are many other wild animals which live at Jenolan, near Caves House. As they are more active in the evenings and early morning, day visitors do not usually have the opportunity to see them. During the NSW school holidays, hotel guests will have free opportunities to spot some of these wild animals, on new guided walks.

At 7:15, before breakfast, early risers can start the day with the new Day Breakers guided walk. In search of shy animals such as lyre birds and kangaroos, Day Breakers will follow an experienced guide along one of Jenolan’s bush trails. This opportunity is available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings of the NSW school holidays.

The caves have been a traditional holiday destination for generations of Australian families. With that in mind, the new Night Crawlers guided walk has been designed as a pre-dinner activity for families and any other guest who would like an early evening alternative to night cave tours.

There are very few places where the general public can see platypus in the wild. However, at 5:30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the NSW school holidays, Night Crawlers can enjoy a guided walk along the shores of the Blue Lake, and have a good chance of spotting wild platypus.

A range of other wild native animals become active at dusk at Jenolan. Night Crawlers can keep an eye open for possums, brush-tailed rock wallabies and wombats.

Both these special walks are free and exclusive to Jenolan’s overnight guests. Each has been designed to suit all ages and will run for approximately 40 minutes. To be a Day Breaker or a Night Crawler, or both, book a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night stay at Jenolan Caves, for the coming NSW school holidays.  Bookings.

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