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Fire poker challenge forges friendships

February 23, 2016

Iron sticks that visitors to Talisman Gallery bashed into shape at the recent Fire Poker Challenge are a tangible reminder of the stronger relationships they forged during the holiday activity.

More than 60 people took part in the challenge under the tuition of Blackheath metal artist Ron Fitzpatrick and his Lithgow-based colleague Steve Cunningham between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

``People came from as far as Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle,’’ Mr Fitzpatrick said.``We had couples who did it as a bonding exercise, whole families looking for something to do,young people and older people.’’

For others, the fire poker challenge fulfilled a lifelong wish to try blacksmithing.

All participants kept their hand-forged firepokers.

``One woman plans to keep her poker in her car for security.’’

``It was a lot of fun and people really got into it. People enjoyed it because it was quite physical, it was something they had made with their own hands and effort, it didn’t take long but it was different.

``Many people are already planning to come to the Easter Fire Poker Challenge and make another one to start a set.’’

Visitors to Talisman Gallery can browse the collection of large high-end pieces along with signature metal art mirrors, small affordable sculptures and candleholders and an extensive collection of imported jewellery and new crystal pieces.

While there, wander around the 17 historic buildings, have refreshments at the café, explore the Kew-Y-Ahn Bell Rock Heritage Trail walking track, browse the Kew-Y-Ahn Aboriginal Art Gallery and even brave neck-bristling terror on an evening ghost tour.

Details of the Easter Fire Poker Challenge will be posted on the Talisman Gallery-Hartley Facebook page shortly.

The gallery, Hartley Historic Site, Great Western Hwy (400m before turn off to Jenolan Caves heading west) is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. Details: Ron 0407 723 722 or

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