Jenolan Caves

The Six Foot Track

6 foot trackThe Six Foot Track stretches 45 kilometres, from Jenolan Caves to Katoomba. The track starts near the car park and is very strenuous.

The full walk can take up to several days. There are well established campsites along the way.

You might consider contacting a reputable walking/camping company, outside of Jenolan Caves, such as award-winning 'Life's An Adventure' or 'Blue Mountains Guides'.

The Six Foot Track is famous as the setting of Australia's biggest annual off-road foot race, The Six Foot Track Marathon. The race is Australia's 5th largest marathon and attracts over 850 entrants each year.

This track is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.  We advise you to check this webpage for current conditions on the track.

Always take water with you on any of the bushwalks at Jenolan. 

Parking for the 6 Foot Track?

While you walk the 6 Foot Track, are you parking at Jenolan and returning to your car at a later date? You're a legend! But if you haven't advised us, we might think your car is abandoned and get it towed away! To ensure your car is still here when you return, please do both the following:

  1. Place a visible note on your dashboard, clearly stating when the car will be picked up, AND
  2. Phone 1300 76 33 11, or email your name, rego, phone number and parking dates, to

Have a epic adventure!



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