Jenolan Caves

Cave Rules

When you visit Jenolan Caves, we hope you love it as much as we do! We are the guardians of an irreplaceable natural wonder!  Therefore, while at Jenolan, for your own safety, for the comfort of other visitors and to conserve our unique environment, please follow some simple rules.

On any cave tour, please:

  • Listen carefully to your tour guide, and obey all instructions.
  • Do not stray from your tour group, even if your have your own light.
  • Do not touch any rock or crystal, as the invisible oil on our skin permanently damages the irreplaceable cave crystal. 
  • Do not smoke, as fumes damage the cave crystal.
  • Do not eat or drink, as food particles attract life forms, such as animals, birds, bacteria and fungi, which are foreign to our caves and harm the fragile environment.  You may take a bottle of water with you.
  • Do not litter.  Please use the rubbish bins in the Grand Arch and near the Guides Office.
  • When you aim your camera flash in the dark, please consider other visitors' eyes.
  • Cameras are welcome.  However, do not bring a camera tripod or a selfie stick into any cave, other than the Grand Arch or the Devil's Coach House cave.

Above ground, to help protect the environment and for your own safety:

  • Do not feed native animals and birds, as they can become sick from food that is not part of their natural diet.
  • As Jenolan Caves is part of a huge nature reserve, birds and animals wander freely, in their natural habitat around the caves.  They are wonderful to watch.  However, we do not 'own' them, and they are NOT TAME. If you approach, touch or feed them, we do not accept responsibility if you are bitten or otherwise injured.
  • Do not bring pets to Jenolan.
  • Put all your litter in rubbish bins, or take it away with you.
  • Do not climb on any rocks in or around the caves or the hotel.
  • When bush walking, stay on marked paths.

To ensure that you enjoy your Jenolan visit:

  • Use the public toilets, before joining your cave tour, as there are no toilets inside any of our caves.
  • Park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces only.
  • Arrive at least 40 minutes before your scheduled activity.
4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains NSW. Ph: 1300 76 33 11 or +61 2 6359 3911

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