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The Grand Tour

This experience, through 2 of our most spectacular caves, is not for the faint of heart! Start in the dazzling Orient Cave. Ascend into breath-taking Persia, then down, down, into exotic India and Egypt, passed the enchanting Crystal Basin. Descend deeper, into the black depths of the Mud Tunnels. Then up again, until the ‘Temple of Baal’ cave opens above, where the crystal wings of angels hold back the powers of ancient pagan gods! No sacrifices today, on those stony altars! Press on, through the long, steep dragon’s throat, as it twists up, and out into daylight at last! Phew! What an amazing journey!

Min age 6.... 2-hr tour.... strenuous.... approx 500 stair steps....approx 700m.

$100 per person

Fossil Hunters 

School holidays bring underground fun for kids. Little adventurers get kitted with caving helmets and real head lamps, before braving the Lucas Cave, in this interactive experience. They learn about fossils and all things caves, with hands-on experiments and treasure hunt. Kids leave with a little something to take home! All guides hold a Working with Children Check, so Mum or Dad can either join in, or relax at the café, for some kid-free time, knowing their little ones are in safe hands.

Tuesdays to Thursdays during NSW school holidays, age 5-12, 1.5 hrs

$39.95 per child
$0 for 1 accompanying parent or guardian


Face a unique challenge! Get dirty, abseil, squeeze, crawl and climb deep into the heart of the mountain, with only a headlamp to light your way. Feel the excitement! Emerge with a brand new swagger and that special exhilaration that only authentic adventure can provide. We guide you step by step, so no experience needed.

Minimum age 10.... 2.5 hour expedition.... average fitness, flexibility and agility needed

$165 per person

Private cave tours of the Orient Cave at Jenolan Caves. Imperial Cave at Jenolan Caves - easy guided tour Imperial-Diamond Cave Tour at Jenolan Caves


Seeing is believing! The visual impact takes your breath away. Each chamber seems richer than the one before, thickly draped with crystal formations. This ancient cave is famous for the ‘Pillar of Hercules’ (Jenolan’s tallest stalagmite) and the enchanting ‘Crystal Basin’, which fills, on occasion, with pure water, of the palest blue.

No minimum age....1.5 hour tour.... average fitness.... 358 stair steps....470 metres

adults $60, children age 4 to 15 - $42, infants - $0, families from $130 to $222.


Our easiest cave tour. Follow an ancient river bed, mostly level, with short sets of stairs, an excellent choice if you're not quite as mobile as you once were. This cave tells amazing stories. See the awesome ‘Crystal Cities’. This is our only tour where you also get the chance to marvel at the pure blue waters of the underground river.

No minimum age....1 hour tour....easiest cave.... 258 stair steps ....1,070 metres

adults $46, children age 4 to 15 - $33, infants - $0, families from $100 to $170.


Explore the Imperial and then, in the delicate Diamond branch, get right up close to pure white crystal formations, tinted with every shade of pink. Your journey culminates at the ‘Gem of the West’, an astonishing crystal formation of helictites, stalactites, stalagmites, shawls and wave crystal.  You have the option to marvel at the pure, blue 'Underground River' via a 66 step spiral staircase. 

No min age.... 1.5 hr tour.... average fitness.... 418 stair steps.... 1,270m

adults $52, children age 4 to 15 - $37, infants - $0, families from $113 to $192.

Private tours of the Temple of Baal Cave at Jenolan Caves. Lucas Cave Chifley Cave tour at Jenolan Caves

Temple of Baal

Dramatic & Evocative! This ancient cave is renowned for its spectacular features. Marvel at the awesome crystal formations in this citadel of reflection. Explore two huge, awe-inspiring caverns, famous for fossils, helictites, stories, the ominous names of its formations and for our longest crystal shawl, the ethereal ‘Angel’s Wing’.

Minimum age 6.... 1.5 hour tour.... average fitness.... 288 stair steps.... 365 metres

adults $60, children age 4 to 15 - $42, families from $130 to $222.


Your journey starts with a 300 stair step ascent. Gaze down upon the waters of the Blue Lake. In the Lucas, feel dwarfed by the sheer scale of our highest and widest chambers. Music and lighting showcase the Cathedral's massive formations. Warm up your vocal cords in the famous acoustics. Stand in awe, in the beauty of the 'Procenium' and 'Mafeking' chambers.

No minimum age .... 2 hr tour (approx) .... strenuous .... approx 1000 stair steps .... approx 860 metres

adults $52, children age 4 to 15 - $37, infants - $0, families from $113 to $192.


Variety and surprises! As you move deeper, this ancient cave reveals its unique beauty – huge caverns, narrow passages, a wealth of stories, fossils and crystal in every form, from the rich ‘Lucinda Chamber’ to the bizarre ‘Wall of Noses’. See our most exquisite spar crystal. An outstanding experience for all ages.

No minimum age.... 1 hour tour.... average fitness.... 421 stair steps.... 690 metres

adults $46, children age 4 to 15 - $33, infants - $0, families from $100 to $170.

  Private tours of the Jubilee Cave at Jenolan Caves  

Private Tours


Planning a romantic moment - maybe a marriage proposal? Got a super special occasion coming up? Or looking for an experience with a difference? By prior arrangement, and 2 week's notice, we can take you on a private guided journey of any one of our caves, even those not currently on our tour schedule. Arrange a private tour for just yourself, or share with a select group of family and friends. So many experiences from which to choose, each different! Prices on enquiry.



30 Minutes Between Tours - If you book more than one cave tour on the same day, give yourself a break of perhaps 30 minutes between tours, and you will have a much better experience.

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