Jenolan Caves

Cave Tour - Pay Difference Only

Put Your Dine & Discover Voucher Towards a Cave Tour

You can put your free ‘Dine & DISCOVER’ voucher (worth $25) towards the price of a cave tour. Choose either the Chifley, Imperial (with Diamond Branch), or Orient Caves all spectacular! 

You can now also use your voucher towards the cost of the Plughole Adventure Caving Experience. 

When you book one of the tours below, you pay the difference only. Then, when you arrive at Jenolan, redeem your voucher at our ticket office, so that we can scan it. You will not be able to tour your chosen cave without redeeming your Dine & Discover voucher with us first.

You cannot purchase a Jenolan gift voucher using your Dine & Discover voucher. Click here for full Terms and Conditions

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Lucas Cave tours

Lucas Cave

Colossal Caverns. Your journey starts with a 300 stair step ascent. Then, feel dwarfed by the sheer scale of our highest and widest chambers. In the 'Cathedral', the music and lighting showcases massive formations. Warm up your vocal cords in the famous acoustics. Stand in awe, in the beauty of the 'Procenium' and 'Mafeking' chambers. 

No minimum age....2 hour tour....strenuous....288 stair steps....365 metres

$30 (adult) + 1 Dine & DISCOVER voucher

We accept Dine and Discover vouchers at the Imperial Cave at Jenolan.

Imperial Cave (with Diamond Branch)

Our easiest cave tour. Follow the path of an ancient river bed - mostly level, with short sets of stairs - an excellent choice if you're not quite as mobile as you once were. This cave tells amazing stories. See the awesome ‘Crystal Cities’. In the delicate ‘Diamond Branch’ come face-to-face with pure white crystal and the famous 'Gem of the West'.

No minimum age....1 hour tour....least strenuous....300 stair steps....1,070 metres

$17 (adult) + 1 Dine & DISCOVER voucher

Use your Dine & Discover Vouchers to buy a ticket to the Orient Cave at Jenolan.

Orient Cave

Seeing is believing! The visual impact takes your breath away. Each chamber seems richer than the one before, thickly draped with crystal formations. This ancient cave is famous for the ‘Pillar of Hercules’ (Jenolan’s tallest stalagmite) and the enchanting ‘Crystal Basin’, which fills, on occasion, with pure water, of the palest blue.

No minimum age....1.5 hour tour....average fitness....358 stair steps....470 metres

$30 (adult) + 1 Dine & DISCOVER voucher

The Chifley Cave at Jenolan Caves

Plughole Adventure Experience

Face a unique challenge! Get dirty, abseil, squeeze, crawl and climb deep into the heart of the mountain, with only a headlamp to light your way. Feel the excitement! Emerge with a brand new swagger and that special exhilaration that only authentic adventure can provide. We guide you step by step, so no experience needed. 

Minimum age 10....2.5 hour expedition....average fitness, flexibility and agility needed

$124 + 1 Dine & DISCOVER voucher per person


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