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Private Tours of Our Caves

Planning a romantic moment - maybe a marriage proposal? Got a super special occasion coming up? Or looking for an underground experience with a difference?

By prior arrangement, we can take you on a private guided journey of any of our caves, even those not currently on our tour schedule. We do try and accommodate where we can, but we generally require a 14 day lead in time for private tours. Email us on, to ask about the possibility of arranging a private tour for just yourself, or share with a select group of family and friends.

So many experiences from which to choose, each different!  Private tour prices are available on enquiry.

Lucas Cave Imperial Cave at Jenolan Caves - easy guided tour Chifley Cave tour at Jenolan Caves


Colossal Caverns. This mighty cave was the first to be discovered at Jenolan, in 1860. Your journey starts with a 300 stair step ascent. Then, feel dwarfed by the sheer scale of our highest and widest chambers. In the 'Cathedral', the music and lighting showcases massive formations. Feel like singing? Warm up your vocal cords in the famous acoustics. Stand in awe, in the beauty of the 'Procenium' and 'Mafeking' chambers. 


Our easiest cave tour. Follow the path of an ancient river bed. Mostly level, with short sets of stairs - an excellent choice if you're perhaps not quite as mobile as you once were. This ancient cave tells amazing stories. See the perfect 'Lot's Wife', the lovely Shawl Cave and the awesome ‘Crystal Cities’. 


Variety and surprises! As you move deeper, this ancient cave reveals its unique beauty – huge caverns, narrow passages, a wealth of stories, fossils and crystal in every form, from the rich ‘Lucinda Chamber’ to the bizarre ‘Wall of Noses’. See our most exquisite spar crystal. An outstanding experience for all ages.

Private tours of the Imperial-Diamond cave at Jenolan Caves Private cave tours of the Orient Cave at Jenolan Caves. Private tours of the Temple of Baal Cave at Jenolan Caves.


Some of the most beautiful crystal you will ever see. Follow the mostly-level ancient river bed beyond the amazing sights of the Imperial Cave. Ascend to the delicate Diamond Branch, lined with pure white crystal, tinted with every shade of pink. Your journey culminates at the ‘Gem of the West’, an astonishing crystal cascade. 


Seeing is believing! The visual impact takes your breath away. Each chamber seems richer than the one before. Warm up your vocal cords in the echoes of the Persian Chamber. This ancient cave is famous for the ‘Pillar of Hercules’ (Jenolan’s tallest stalagmite) and the enchanting ‘Crystal Basin’, which fills, on occasion, with pure water, of palest blue. 

Temple of Baal

Dramatic & Evocative! This ancient cave is renowned for its spectacular features. Marvel at the awesome crystal formations in this citadel of reflection. Explore two huge, awe-inspiring caverns, famous for fossils, helictites, stories, the ominous names of its formations and for our longest crystal shawl, the ethereal ‘Angel’s Wing’.

Private River Cave tours at Jenolan Caves Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts tour at Jenolan Cave Private Off the Track tour at Jenolan Caves


Underworld labyrinth!  Twists, turns (and 1,300 stair steps) on this rewarding journey, bring you to the ‘Pool of Reflections’, deep and illuminated. Experience the cavernous 'Queen Esther's Chamber', glorious crystal shawls, the ‘Minaret’, the ‘Grand Column’ (our biggest column) and more. Dress for climbing steep ladders. 

Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts

Grownups only! You never know where this mystifying journey may take you. Hear strange stories about the inexplicable - not just 'ghost stories', but history and mysteries. We don't have a 'ghost cave'. But strange sounds, sights and experiences have been reported from all our caves over the years. Not for young children or the faint-hearted.

Off the Track 

Time Travel. Don a helmet and headlamp, and explore long-abandoned, dark pathways. It's one of our most fascinating tours. You never know where this journey might take you. You might go to caves with names like 'Architects Studio', 'The Shambles', 'The Jersey', 'Lily of the Valley' and the 'Red and White Temples'.

Private tours of the Ribbon Cave at Jenolan Caves Private tours of the Jubilee Cave at Jenolan Caves Private tours of the Chifley Secret Chambers Tour at Jenolan


An intimate experience. Step back in time. Glimpse the legendary beauty of the Orient cave. Then ascend to the delicate Ribbon. The low, narrow passage brings you up close to amazing crystal - helictites, rim pools and exquisite ‘lily pads’. Hot Tip - 'The Shrine' is a dreamy location to propose to your significant other!


Into the furthest depths of Jenolan! Follow the mostly-level ancient river bed, beyond the amazing sights of the Imperial Cave. Don't forget your rubber-soled shoes, so you can adventure far deeper, into the Jubilee. You will need to bend for some low sections of this long journey, but your reward is an eye-popping treasure trove of crystal.   

Chifley Secret Chambers

For lovers of history!  Experience a bygone era. With helmet and headlamp, journey into hidden, long-abandoned caverns and passages - the 'Architect's Studio', 'The Shambles', 'the King's Tableland' and more. Plus experience the entire Chifley Cave, with it's variety, surprises and quirky history - very special!  


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