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20 Nov 2015

A FREE app, featuring audio information, images, maps and Aboriginal artwork is now available. But we don't have Wi-Fi yet, so you need to download it BEFORE coming to Jenolan.

This new FREE app helps you get the most from your visit to Jenolan.   

Download it to your smartphone or pad, and use the information, audio and images as a self-guided tour to our most fascinating bush tracks (free) and also to our Nettle Cave. 

Use the app during your visit to Jenolan.  Or enjoy the information when you plan your trip to Jenolan.

The app guides you on 6 journeys at Jenolan Caves:

  1. Shaping Waters’ guides you from the Devils Coach House Cave up to Carlotta Arch and tells how the famous cave system was formed.
  2. ‘Working Waters’ guides you from the Grand Arch, down the Jenolan River and tells about the many surprising engineering feats that have enabled people to experience the caves.
  3. ‘Healing Waters’ guides you from the Devil's Coach House cave, up into the McEwans Valley and reveals how the indigenous Gundungurrra people used the Caves.
  4. The Nettle Cave Tour is available in 13 languages and guides you through the Devil's Coach House Cave and the Nettle Cave - 2 massive 'twilight' caves.  See rare stromatolites.
  5. The Nettle Cave Children's Tour also guides kids through the Devil's Coach House Cave and Nettle Cave, but offers a lively commentary (English only) specially designed for younger kids.  
  6. The Nettle Aboriginal Culture Tour guides you through the Nettle Cave and Devil's Coach House Cave, revealing how the Aboriginal people used the caves and surrounding area.  Many words and phrases from the Gundungurra language have been integrated into this fascinating tour! 

You can do any of these tours in your own time and at your own pace.  When you purchase a show cave tour, we give you complimentary access to the Nettle Cave, where your app will come in very handy.

On your smartphone or pad, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for Jenolan and simply download - FREE.

You will find the app invaluable at Jenolan. Use it before, after and in between your guided cave tours. 

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