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NEW - The Enigmatic Chifley's Secret Chambers Tour

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25 Aug 2017

Explore the Chifley Cave plus 4 long-abandoned chambers!

In this modern world, take the time to experience the genteel pleasure of a bygone era, at Jenolan Caves. See how new technology revives the past to within our reach.
The enigmatic ‘Chifley’s Secret Chambers’ tour is steeped in history. On Jenolan’s newest guided cave tour, visitors don helmet and headlamp, to explore the ‘Kings Tableland’, the original cave entrance.  Once inside the Chifley Cave, they inspect the historic ‘Architect’s Studio’, a long hidden chamber, ‘The Shambles’ and another secret, the ‘Wilkinson’s Branch’. Throughout the tour, visitors explore the history of electricity and technology at Jenolan.  In time honoured fashion, the beguiling beauty of the cave is slowly revealed, as you listen to its mysteries.  

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