Jenolan Caves

Activities - Stage 1 - 3


The Lucas Cave Tour

The 1.5 hour Lucas Cave tour has been the mainstay of our school learning activities for many years, and never loses its popularity. We can tailor the content of this tour to your specific study requirements—just let us know. 

The Lucas Cave tour provides a great overview of caves—how they form (geology and chemistry), their unique environment (biology), and how they were discovered (history and Aboriginal culture).

It is a great tour for all size school groups, including very large groups. 

If you have already explored the Lucas Cave , and your school group is under 45 students, we can easily provide similar commentary in the Chifley or Imperial Caves.  If your group is less than 24 students, they can experience the Orient Cave, or the Temple of Baal Cave or the River Cave.  

Early Stage 1 & Stage 1

STe-4WS , ST1-10LW, ST1-11LW , ST1-9ES

For very young children, this activity fosters curiosity and wonder while developing their skills in questioning, observing and exploring their world. 

Children learn to describe external features, changes and growth of living things. They learn about the ways that environment provides for the special plants and animals that live in and around Jenolan Caves.

Stage 2

ST2-8ES, ST2-11LW

Children learn to describe changes to the caves and surrounding area, over time, from natural processes and human activity. 

They learn about steps that are taken to conserve the caves.

They learn to describe the life cycles of things that live in and around caves, how scientific knowledge helps people understand the effect of their actions on the environment and on the survival of living things.

Stage 3

ST3-9ES, ST3-10LW, ST3-11LW

Students learn:

  • to explain rapid change at the Earth’s surface caused by natural events, using evidence provided by advances in technology and scientific understanding.
  • to describe how living things have structural features and other adaptations which help them to survive in the special environment around the caves and even the extreme environment inside the caves. 

Adventure Caving (Stage 3)

For Adventure Caving, students must be at least 10 years old—making it ideal for Stage 3. Both boys and girls enjoy this activity, which is also extremely popular for adults. Participants do not need any experience to do our Adventure Caving activity.

Adventure Caving is challenging, but also fun. For the PDHPE syllabus, Stage 3 children learn about:

  • developing and maintaining a positive self-concept, as it is excellent for self-confidence,
  • gender images and expectations, as this activity is highly inclusive,
  • developing and maintaining friendships and working relationships (teamwork).


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