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Reopening on Feb 1

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14 Jan 2020

You are welcome to start booking now, because on Saturday, February 1, Jenolan will reopen.

You are welcome to start booking now, because on Saturday, February 1, Jenolan will reopen.  The Caves Café, Chisolm’s Restaurant and Jeremiah’s Bar will be fully stocked.  Although we lost 4 buildings to the bushfire, most of our guest accommodation, including heritage-listed Caves House, will also reopen.  Best of all, the following guided cave tours will reopen: Imperial, Chifley, Orient, Temple of Baal, Imperial-Diamond, Ribbon and the Plughole Adventure.  February is a peaceful month in our mountain valley, and it’s always cool underground! Initially, we are taking online bookings only.


The main approach to Jenolan, via Jenolan Caves Road, has not yet been declared safe, so visitors must detour onto Edith Road. The final 3.2 km of Edith Road are steep, very narrow and winding, with several tight hairpin bends – NOT suitable for coaches or caravans. However, Edith Road is sealed, and OK for experienced drivers in average-sized cars, campervans or small minibuses. You will need to take it slow and watch for wildlife crossing the road. Larger vehicles will be turned back.

The Edith Road detour adds approximately 20 km (30 minutes) to your trip.  However, the picturesque route takes you close to the small town of Oberon – a nice place to stop and look around. Also, the longer trip makes an overnight stay at Jenolan a great idea – a chance to really slow down and step back in time.

Due to bushfire damage, we cannot yet reopen our bushwalks, the Nettle Cave, or Devil’s Coach House Cave.  However, you can stroll along one side of the beautiful Blue Lake to spot the platypus, and water dragons are particularly active in February.


On the Great Western Highway, west of Hartley Historic Village, turn into Jenolan Caves Road.  After approximately:

  • 25km, turn right, onto Duckmaloi Road
  • 20km, turn left, onto Titania Road.
  • 4km, turn left, onto Edith Road. 
  • 20km, arrive at Jenolan Caves. 

The Edith Road approach is not for everyone.  If you decide to wait until Jenolan Caves Road reopens, in mid to late February, we will understand, and hope to see you soon.

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