Jenolan Caves

Jenolan River Walk (Working Waters)

Length: 3 km round trip
Time: 1-1.5 hours return
Difficulty: easy/moderate (Grade 3)

You now have 2 ways to enjoy this popular bushwalk:

  1. by experiencing the natural sights and sounds of this tranquil, scenic stroll, or
  2. by using our new FREE 'Jenolan' App for your iPhone or android device.

Using the new FREE app - download it BEFORE your visit

On your iPhone, go to your App Store (or on your android device, go to Google Play Store) and download the 'Jenolan' App.

Note: The app must be downloaded using Wi-Fi.  As we do not have strong Wi-Fi at Jenolan, please download the app BEFORE your visit.

This new FREE app helps you learn as you walk.

Learn about the many surprising engineering feats that have enabled people to experience the caves. It seems appropriate to use the latest technology to learn about Jenolan's technological history.

Choose the 'Working Waters' tour.  Follow it from the Grand Arch, passed the Blue Lake, down the Jenolan River, passed the hydro-electricity plant and beyond, to the sewage treatment plant.  It's fascinating!  

Enjoying Nature

You do not need to use our new app to enjoy this bush track. 

This track starts from the Grand Arch, and leads you alongside the Blue Lake, home of our resident platypus. Follow the Jenolan River downstream.

This very pleasant walk retraces Jenolan's technological interactions with water, wanders passed waterfalls and over several bridges, including a suspension bridge.

Signs highlight the history, geology, flora and fauna of the area.

At the hydro-electricity station, turn back and return to the Grand Arch, along the same path.

Please note that the path includes many stairs. The return trip is uphill.

Jenolan Caves Apps
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