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Jenolan Caves is temporarily closed

To help control the spread of COVID-19, Australians have been asked to strongly reconsider all non-essential travel. Therefore, we have temporarily closed our cave tours, hotel, restaurant and cafe, until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our temporary closure.

Booking flexibility

Jenolan Caves offers complete flexibility in booking arrangements for Caves House as well as our Cave Tours. Our staff are happy to assist you by arranging alternative dates for travel, offering a voucher valid for up to three years or providing a refund for any cancellations. If you require assistance, please call us on 1300 76 33 11.

We hope that everyone remains healthy and safe in the time ahead. We look forward to welcoming you to Jenolan Caves when we reopen.

NEW - The ‘Governor’s Getaway’ Package

Save $117 to $124 per couple.  Go back in time, in the footsteps of Lord and Lady Carrington, who visited Jenolan in 1887. Get a special tour of the surprising Chifley cave, exploring its quirky history. Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner, with matched wines, in elegant Chisolm’s Restaurant. Stay in historic Caves House and have buffet breakfast the next morning.  This delightful package is for couples only, and is only available for Friday and Saturday nights. 

Minimum age 18....1.5 hour tour....Average fitness required....500 stair steps....1,000 metres....maximum 8 people

NEW - Delicious High Tea in Caves House

Our creative chef has put together a tempting High Tea menu - sweet treats, scone with jam and cream, trimmed sandwich, savouries and tea or coffee.

High Tea is a delight! Enjoy it with friends or family, in our elegant Guest Lounge. Sessions are timed from 1:15 to 3:15, daily.

NEW - Age & Beauty Package

Only AUD$319 for 2 people, for the whole 2-day package (usually $465). Two adults can enjoy a fascinating guided tour of either the Lucas, Imperial or Chifley cave, 1 night historic accommodation, full buffet breakfast, delicious dinner in our magnificent Chisolm’s restaurant plus entry to the stunning Mayfield Garden, near Oberon. 

Book this special package for Monday to Thursday nights only, up to December 31 2019 - not public holidays or NSW school holidays.

No minimum age....1 or 1.5 hour cave tour...Mayfield admission is for a whole day....average fitness required....own transport to Mayfield 02 6359 3900.

NEW - Chifley's Secret Chambers tour

NEW TOUR: Wearing helmet & headlamp, discover the hidden chambers of the Chifley Cave. Immerse yourself in history, re-tracing the steps of the early visitors, to learn about Jenolan's innovative past.

Minimum age 10....1.5 hour tour....average fitness required....500 stair steps....1000 metres....maximum 8 people

The River Cave

An Underworld Labyrinth - Still pools of the underground River Styx display stunning reflections. This exciting tour rewards you with a sense of achievement. The effort is worth while, with something to amaze everyone.

Minimum age 10....2 hour tour....strenuous....1,298 stair steps....1,271 metres....maximum 25 people

Temple of Baal Cave

Dramatic & Evocative, this cave is renowned for its beauty and spectacular features. Marvel at the astonishing formations in this citadel of reflection and peace.

Minimum age 10....1.5 hour tour....average fitness....288 stair steps....365 metres....maximum 25 people 

Orient Cave

Dazzling! The Orient Cave is glorious! The visual impact of its huge and richly decorated chambers will astonish you. Seeing is believing!

No minimum age....1.5 hour tour....average fitness....358 stair steps....470 metres....maximum 25 people

Imperial Diamond Cave

Pure Crystal - Enjoy all that the Imperial Cave offers, then be delighted by the wonderland of pure white crystal, tinted with every shade of pink and apricot. Stroll through the 'Crystal Palace' to finally behold the 'Gem of the West'.

No minimum age....1.5 hour tour....average fitness....386 stair steps....1,270 metres....maximum 30 people

Plughole (Introductory Adventure Caving Experience)

Looking for real adventure? Climb, squeeze through narrow spaces, and crawl deep into the heart of a mountain. We take you on a challenging, but exhilarating journey. No experience necessary!

Minimum age 10....2 hour tour....strenuous (some flexibility and agility)....maximum 12 people

Lucas Cave

Biggest chambers! An awe-inspiring cave, containing our highest and largest chambers. See one of our most photographed features - The Broken Column - and get a tantalising glimpse of the underground river.

No minimum age....1.5 hour tour....Strenuous....910 stair steps....860 metres....maximum 60 people

Imperial Cave

Our Easiest Cave Tour. A memorable experience for all ages, including children. As the path is mostly level, with short sets of stairs, it is the best choice for the less mobile or elderly. See crystal formations, fossils and underground river.

No minimum age....1 hour tour....least strenuous....358 stair steps....1,070 metres....maximum 35 people

Chifley Cave

Variety and surprises! An outstanding experience. As you move deeper, the cave reveals its beauty - high caverns, amazing formations and exquisite spar crystal. Great for all ages.

No minimum age....1 hour tour....average fitness....421 stair steps....690 metres....maximum 40 people 

Bones & Stones

Experience of some of the mysterious dark places that abound at Jenolan. Children should wears shoes with a sturdy sole. We supply torches, but children are welcome to bring their own.

Age 7 to 11....1.5 hour tour

ONLINE ONLY - Cave Tour Combo
Buy a Lucas, get an Imperial half price

Pay full price for a 1.5 hour guided tour of the massive Lucas Cave, and get a 1 hour guided tour of the easier Imperial Cave for half price, on the same day or the next day. If you are of average fitness, this is a great way to experience these 2 very different caves.

Buy an Imperial, get a Chifley half price

Pay full price for a 1 hour guided tour of the easier Imperial Cave, and get a 1 hour guided tour of the fascinating Chifley Cave (full of history and variety) for half price, on the same day or the next day. If you are of average fitness this is a great deal!

ONLINE ONLY - Cave Tour Combo
Buy a Chifley, get a Lucas half price

Pay full price for a  1 hour guided tour of the surprising Chifley Cave, and, on the same day or the next day, get a 1.5 hour guided tour of the massive Lucas Cave for half price. If you are of average fitness this is a great deal!

Ribbon Cave

Delicate and not often shown, this narrow gallery of rare and unusual features is well worth the wait. On your way in, glimpse the Orient Cave's legendary formations. See strange crystal formations up close. Book early.

Minimum age 6....1.5 hour tour....average fitness....394 stair steps....590 metres....maximum 8 people

Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts

At night, roam the underworld by torchlight. Shiver to tales of unexplained experiences of visitors and staff, from the 1800s to today. Bring a friend to cling to. But it's not just 'ghost stories'. It includes mysteries from our history.

Minimum age 10....2 hour tour....strenuous....lots of stairs (varies)....maximum 20 people 

Off the Track Tour

At night, wearing helmet and headlamp, travel back in time. Discover dark, long-abandoned pathways - no longer part of our show cave system for nearly 100 years. Unique and intriguing, it is one of our most fascinating tours.

Minimum age 10....1.5 hour tour....strenuous....lots of stair (varies)....maximum 15 people

Extended Temple of Baal Tour

For energetic night owls, who enjoy walking and climbing stairs, The Extended Temple of Baal Tour is an exciting and adventurous tour which takes you through three of our most spectacular caves, focusing mainly on the Baal Cave.

Minimum age 10....2 hour....strenuous....approx 1,000 stair steps....maximum 25 people

Extended Orient Cave

For energetic night owls, who enjoy walking and climbing stairs, the Extended Orient is an exciting and adventurous tour which takes you through three of our most spectacular caves, focusing mainly on the Orient.

Minimum age 10....2 hour tour....strenuous....approx 1,000 stair steps....maximum 25 people

Aladdin (Adventure Caving Experience)

Done our Plughole Adventure and need more challenge? This is one of Australia's best adventure experiences - great for body, mind, self-confidence, teamwork and for anyone who wants something really different.

Minimum age 12....3 hour tour....strenuous (flexibility and agility)....maximum 12 people

Chisolm's Buffet Lunch - Grand Dining Room Carvery

How convenient! Our new self-serve buffet lunch is served UPSTAIRS in Caves House hotel. Buffet lunch is fast, yet relaxing and delicious! Choose from steamed and roasted vegetables, roasted meats and fish, healthy salads and tempting desserts. Don't hold back. It's a buffet! You can try everything! 


Why not stay overnight! Make sure you book accommodation online early. Stay at least one night, to experience more activities, both above and below ground.

Don't forget to try our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant

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