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To do our self-guided tour, download the tour 'App', to your smart phone or pad, FREE of charge.  Then, you can use it when you visit Jenolan, or you can enjoy the commentary and images wherever you are. 

IMPORTANT: You need Wi-Fi to download this app.  First download the app, then choose your language and it will download separately. We have free Wi-Fi at Jenolan, but sometimes it is not strong. So we recommend you download the app BEFORE your visit. 

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In 2006, after 74 years, we reopened our 'Nettle Cave'. Together with the massive 'Devil's Coach House' Cave, we created a trail that you can follow, using our app. The app allows you to explore at your own pace.

The app commentary is available in a range of languages.  There is also a lively English commentary, specifically for children.

To access the Nettle Cave, walk completely around the Blue Lake and under the bridge.  Continue to follow the path into the Devils Coach House Cave.  The path will take you through the Devils Coach House cave, up some stairs to the turnstile entrance to the Nettle Cave.

What is different about this tour?

view from the upper reaches of the Nettle Cave, Jenolan Caves

This 'twilight' cave tour is a different experience from all our 'dark' caves.  It features huge open caverns, appealing even to those who normally avoid enclosed spaces. You can do this tour whenever you like - before, after or between your guided tours.

The Nettle Cave features enormous formations and is home to wildlife including Sooty Owls.  Also, the cave is one of a few sites in the world where stromatolites ('craybacks') grow. These enormous 'craybacks' are formations that contain colonies of live cyano bacteria (blue-green algae), interacting with the crystal. There is some evidence that our craybacks may be between 20,000 and 100,000 years old!

The 'Devil's Coach House' Cave is a vast, cavernous natural archway in the mountainside.  It was named after a camper's ghostly vision, who claimed he saw the Devil ride through on a horse-drawn coach.

The roof of the archway is 57 metres at its highest point. If you have walked through the Devil's Coach House Cave in the past, this new tour enables you to see the massive cave from above!

Now you can even choose an Aboriginal commentary.

You can choose the regular fascinating commentary.  Or, you can choose a totally new commentary.  The new audio commentary was written in conjunction with the Gundungurra Tribal Council. It includes many words from the authentic Gundungurra language, to describe how the caves and the land above was used by the Gundungurra people - really interesting!  


Why not stay overnight! Make sure you book accommodation early. Stay at least one night, to experience more activities, both above and below ground. Don't forget to try our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant

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