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Our Most Popular Night Tour

The mystifying 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour may start with Caves House and take you in the dark, by lantern, through the caves, with no set route. 

Jenolan has a long history and was known to the Gundungurra people as 'Binoomea' which means "the dark place".  Instead of showing cave formations, your tour guide may tell you strange legends or stories about our unexplained phenomena, sometimes from personal experience.  This tour is not just 'ghost stories'. It includes some of our history and mysteries. 

There is no 'ghost cave'.  However, strange sounds, sights and experiences have been reported from all our show caves over the years.  So, this tour has no set route.  You don't need to plan your other cave tours around this one, as it will be a completely different experience.  The cave is a 'backdrop' rather than the focus, so be prepared to be unnerved by mysterious tales in an almost dark cave

Overwhelmingly popular, the 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour is aimed at adults. We take a maximum of 20 on each tour, so please book ahead.

This girl had an amazing time on the Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts tour.
Minimum age: 10 years
Inspection time: 2 hours
Fitness level: strenuous
Tour Size: average 20 people (minimum 2)

Have you filmed a 'ghost' at Jenolan Caves?

We do not claim that you will experience a ghost at Jenolan Caves. However, on very rare occasions, on normal cave tours, while photographing cave formations, unexplained images have been caught on film. If you believe that you may have photographed one of our 'ghosts', please share the photo with us.

Below is an example of a photo taken by a visitor from Brisbane, Queensland, in the Lucas Cave in May 2010. At the time, no mist was visible to the naked eye and it has not been explained. The visitor was happy to share the image with us.

unexplained mist caught on camera by a visitor to Jenolan Caves


Why not stay overnight! Make sure you book accommodation early. Stay at least one night, to experience more activities, both above and below ground. Don't forget to try our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant

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