Jenolan Caves

River Cave

Underworld Labyrinth

This long and exciting cave tour rewards you with a sense of personal achievement. Its many astonishing features make the effort worth while.  It offers something to amaze everyone.


It features the underground ‘River Styx’ which appears as pools of blue water, including the ‘Pool of Reflections’. This is a deep, illuminated underground lake, whose almost motionless surface produces spectacular reflections.


You will see the huge 'Queen Esther's Chamber', magnificent shawls, such as the ‘Giant Shawl’, and many famous formations, including the ‘Minaret’ (a spectacular stalagmite), ‘Grand Column’ (biggest column at Jenolan) and the ‘Queen's Canopy’.


In 2010, the River Cave tour was revitalised using the latest lighting technology, enabling you to see the cave formations as they have never been seen before. The environmentally friendly lighting system uses less electricity and minimises heat output, conserving the sensitive cave environment. 


This tour includes 2 high, steep steel ladders. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing.


The Minaret, River Cave, Jenolan Caves


Stair steps:        1298 Minimum age:    10 years
Fitness level:   strenuous Tour size: average 8 people (minimum 2)
Length:              1271 metres Inspection time:  2 hours
You reach the River Cave via the Lucas Cave, climbing several flights of stairs. Then, the path becomes less strenuous. There are rest stops, so you can enjoy the fantastic sights. However, if you have mobility problems, consider viewing one of our easier caves.


Why not stay overnight! Make sure you book accommodation early. Stay at least one night, to experience more activities, both above and below ground. Don't forget to try our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant

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