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Temple of Baal Cave

Dramatic & Evocative

The Temple of Baal Cave is renowned for its beauty and spectacular features.  Although this cave is often used as a wedding venue, it is not a ‘temple’.  Rather, the unusual name was inspired by limestone formations which reminded early cave explorers of the Biblical story of ‘Elijah and the Prophets of Baal’.

Visitors enter the Temple of Baal Cave via the ‘Binoomea Cut’ a long manmade tunnel.  Then, they travel down the ‘Dragon’s Throat’, via a dramatic winding staircase. There are 2 massive chambers, one 42 metres high and filled with beautiful formations.  One of these formations, the 9 metre tall ‘Angel's Wing’ shawl, is one of the largest cave shawls in the world.  The cave also offers beautiful examples of crystal helictites.

This cave tour includes evocative light and sound, taking you back in time, to the creation and discovery of the cave.

360 degree view of the Temple of Baal Cave  (Use your arrow keys to see the whole chamber.)

Inspection time:  1½ hours Length:         365 metres Fitness level:  average
Minimum age:      10 years
Stair steps:  288 Tour size: average 25 people (minimum 2)


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