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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there public transport to Jenolan Caves?

No.  Most visitors drive or arrive on a coach tour.  You can catch a train from Sydney's Central Railway Station to Katoomba Station, and then get a coach to Jenolan Caves.  Full details

How much time does it take to get to Jenolan Caves?

Travel time varies, depending on where you start, and also on delays and stops that you might make along the way.  Generally, if you take the fastest route, and you do not stop or experience delays, it takes approximately 3 hours from Sydney Airport to Jenolan Caves.  It takes 2.5 hours from Parramatta, 1.25 hours from Katoomba, 1 hour from Bathurst and 3 hours from Canberra.  Details

Can I take a baby pram or stroller in the caves?

No.  You cannot take a pram or stroller through any of the caves at Jenolan.  Also, we strongly recommend that you do not use backpack child carriers on cave tours.

Is it cold in the caves?

Temperature inside the caves does not change with the seasons.  It is always approximately 15 degrees Celsius, comfortable for walking and climbing stairs.  If you are attending an underground concert, bring something warm to wear during the concert.

Can we still visit the caves if it is raining?

Yes.  The caves are safe in all weather conditions, and tours are unaffected by rain.

What is the best cave to see?

There is no such thing as the ‘best cave at Jenolan’, as they are all very different.  It is like asking what is the best food on a menu.  It is a subjective choice. Your choice depends on several factors, including your fitness level and tour duration.  Age is also a factor, as not all caves are suitable for younger children, and some caves are too strenuous for less mobile adults.

However, the Lucas Cave is our largest and most famous cave tour.  It contains the ‘Cathedral’, our most famous cave chamber.

Should I pre-book a tour?

Tours run at regular intervals, from 9.30am to 5.00pm, every day of the year.  Additional tours operate during busy times.  However, each tour has a limited number of available places.  We strongly recommend that you pre-book, particularly during holidays and on weekends, to avoid disappointment and having to wait for the next available tour.

What should I wear for my cave tour?

Wear sturdy, non-slip shoes and comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear for a bushwalk. High heels and 'thongs' are not recommended for any tour.

Can I take photographs in the cave?

Yes.  Photography is permitted on all tours, although flash photography is discouraged. Tripods, monopods and selfie sticks are not allowed on tours, and may not be brought into any cave.

Are any tours suitable for 'disabled' visitors?

Generally, all caves are difficult to access. None of our standard tours can accommodate wheelchairs. However, we can arrange a special tour into the first part of the Orient Cave, which is wheelchair accessible.  To enable us to arrange a guide, you must book in advance, for this special tour.  For those with reduced mobility, we recommend The Imperial Cave, our easiest 'standard' tour. 

Is 'disabled' parking available?

Yes.  There are designated parking areas, next to the bus parking area, behind Jenolan Caves House and next to the ‘Mountain Lodge’. If these spaces are filled, we can arrange for a 'courtesy bus' to pick you up from the main car park. Please ask at the Guides Office.

How many cave tours can I do in a day?

It would take 3 or 4 days to see all the guided show cave tours at Jenolan!  In addition, there are our Adventure Caving tours and self-guided tour!  However, in a single day, the average adult can comfortably visit 3 show caves.

Can I do the Self-Guided tour without buying a ticket for a guided tour?

The self-guided tour of the Devil’s Coach House cave and Nettle Cave is free. It is a ‘twilight cave’ environment, and does not explore the dark caves that you visit on your guided tours. To help you get the most out of your Nettle Cave experience, before you do the self-guided tour, on your smart phone or tablet, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for Jenolan Caves and download the Jenolan App.  The app provides considerable information about the cave and can be downloaded in 13 major languages.

Is there a parking fee?

No.  All parking is free.

Is fuel available?

No.  We do not sell fuel at Jenolan. The closest fuel is available at Oberon (30km) or Mt Victoria (55km). Please plan to buy fuel on your way to the caves.

Are dogs allowed at Jenolan Caves?

No. Jenolan is in a dedicated conservation and wildlife reserve.  No pets are allowed within this reserve.

Is there camping at Jenolan Caves?

There is no campsite at Jenolan.

Is road access restricted?

The two roads leading into the Jenolan valley are winding, and the road from Oberon is steep. Therefore neither road is suitable for vehicles towing caravans.

Every day, from 11.45am to 1.15pm, we close the road to traffic leaving Jenolan in the direction of Katoomba. For 90 minutes, the road becomes 'one way', to allow large coaches to enter Jenolan safely.  However, if you would like to leave Jenolan during this time, you can travel via Oberon (Edith Road).

Does Caves House have Wi-Fi?


What food is available for people on restricted diets?

For breakfast and dinner at Chisolm's Restaurant, the menu includes vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free choices. 

Our Caves Cafe offers vegetarian choices throughout the day, for snacks and light lunches.

Please note that our food is neither kosher nor halal.  if you bring your own food, you are welcome to use our picnic areas.

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