Jenolan Caves

Getting Here

Driving to Jenolan


On Edith Road, 3 kms before Jenolan, at the top of the steep valley descent, STOP AT THE BARRIER. The descent is now one-way, so Transport for NSW will escort your vehicle 3km down to our carpark. Then you can follow the pathway right down to caves and hotel. Escort vehicles run every half an hour from the top. 

To be on time for your tour, please arrive at the barrier (3km from the caves) ***1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR FIRST BOOKED ACTIVITY.***

LEAVE WITH ESCORT VEHICLE: Escort vehicles leave our car park regularly, to accompany vehicles back up the hill.

If travelling from Canberra, the fastest way is via Goulburn, Taralga and Oberon. At Oberon, choose Edith Road. See map.

If driving from Sydney, there are several routes:

  • From the Great Western Highway, turn left onto Jenolan Caves Road. To avoid road closures that exist further along this road, turn right onto Duckmaloi Road. Just before the town of Oberon, turn left onto Titania Road, and then left onto Edith Road, which will take you all the way to Jenolan Caves. This picturesque country detour will add approximately 30 minutes to your trip. For more details, see Getting Here. We also suggest accessing Google Maps, other navigation applications and checking Live Traffic in case of further delays.

  • If you are confident on rural roads, for a longer drive through countryside, turn off the Great Western Highway at Magpie Hollow Road, South Bowenfels (just before Lithgow). Drive to Tarana and then on to Oberon. At Oberon, choose Edith Road. See map.
  • For a much longer drive, on major roads, drive to Bathurst. Just before Bathurst, turn onto Littlebourne Street which takes you through O'Connell and then on to Oberon. At Oberon, choose Edith Road. See map.

Walking Down to the Caves and Hotel

From the lower car park there is a pathway leading directly to the front of Caves House, from there you can head to the shelter in the precinct to await your tour, or visit the gif shop. From the upper carpark there is a lovely walk (approx. 500m) down to Caves House, for your dining experience, overnight stay and/or your cave tour meet up. The path starts just beyond one of our most photographed formations (Carlotta’s Arch) and there’s a great view of the landscape and Caves House as you walk down.

Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service - Upper Carpark

If you not wish to walk, or are unable to, don’t worry. We have a complimentary shuttle bus service from the upper carpark (car park 2) that can take you down the hill, and back up again to your car. 

4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains NSW. Ph: 1300 76 33 11 or +61 2 6359 3911

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