Jenolan Caves

Getting Here

Don't risk disappointment. Before setting out for Jenolan, always check for possible road closures or delays.

Jenolan Caves Road (locally known as ‘the 5-Mile’) is closed indefinitely, but Edith Road (locally known as ‘the 2-Mile’) is open.  The 2-Mile road is steep, winding and narrow, with several tight hairpin bends. For safety, ‘Roads for NSW’ is regulating traffic in and out of Jenolan on the 2-Mile, and this may mean delays. So, please allow yourself plenty of travel time. 


Tickets, Arrival and Departure Times

Please ensure you have booked, pre-paid and have your ticket before reaching Jenolan.  Your ticket provides information about your arrival and departure timeslots. Please arrive and leave within these times only. When you arrive, we will remind you of your departure time.  These strict timeslots help ‘Roads for NSW’ to maintain a safe traffic flow throughout the day.


Getting here from Sydney

If you are driving from Sydney, you can reach Edith Road, by a long, but rewarding, detour, which takes you west into the rolling Central Tablelands and then south onto the Oberon Plateau, the highest part of the Blue Mountains. This way of getting to Jenolan from the direction of Sydney, is the longest, but it is also the most straightforward.  See map and directions.

Alternative Route from Sydney (via Tarana)

You will notice on your map, that the countryside between Lithgow, Bathurst and Oberonis criss-crossed with roads, mostly intersecting at the tiny village of Tarana.  If you are confident on country roads, you can use these narrow, sealed roads, and see some of the prettiest countryside in NSW.  See map and directions.  This route looks simple on the map, but the reality may be different. So give yourself plenty of extra driving time, in case you get lost.   

Getting here from Canberra

This route from Canberra to Oberon is part of the Tablelands Way, which continues even further north to Mudgee, should you wish to explore further afield.  It is fully sealed, picturesque and will get you to Jenolan in only 3 hours.  See map and directions from Goulburn to Jenolan.

The last 2 miles (5km) into Jenolan

The last 5km of Edith Road (known locally as ‘The 2-Mile’) takes you into the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve, part of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and one of Australia’s oldest wildlife sanctuaries.  This road is sealed, but is steep, narrow and very winding, with several tight hairpin bends. It is NOT SUITABLE FOR CARAVANS, TRAILERS or any vehicle longer than a 12-seat minibus. Use extreme caution. 


Because further road works are required on the 2-Mile road, at the bottom of the valley, please park in our upper carpark. You will see parking signage when you arrive.

Concierge Service

We have a concierge service set up to direct you, once you arrive. They will check your tickets, provide you with information about your arrival/departure timeslot, let you know what’s open and how to get down to the caves and hotel.

Walking Down to the Caves and Hotel

There is a lovely walk (approx. 500m) down to Caves House, for your dining experience, overnight stay and/or your cave tour meet up. The path starts just beyond one of our most photographed formations (Carlotta’s Arch) and there’s a great view of the landscape and Caves House as you walk down.

Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service

If you not wish to walk, or are unable to, don’t worry. We have a regular complimentary shuttle buse service that can take you down the hill, and back up again to your car. As we are still under Covid-19 restrictions, you must wear a mask in the shuttle bus. See our Covid-Safe plans.

Please note, we cannot take children under 7 in the shuttle bus, as the buses are not currently fitted with child seat and capsure anchors. So if you have children under 7, you will need to walk down the hill via Carlotta’s Arch. But we are happy to take any baggage in the bus, so speak to our friendly concierge team if you need us transport anything, to make the walk down (and up) easier for you and your family.

Coffee & Gift Pop-up

While you wait for our shuttle bus, feel free to grab our local and delicious Fish River Roasters coffee at our coffee pop-up. Or why not check out our pop-up gift store and some interesting Jenolan history while you are there too.

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