Jenolan Caves

Katoomba to Jenolan via Bathurst - map & directions

If you are driving generally west from Sydney, you can reach Edith Road, by a long, but rewarding, detour, which takes you west into the rolling Central Tablelands and then south onto the Oberon Plateau, the highest part of the Blue Mountains. This way of getting to Jenolan from the direction of Sydney, is the longest, but it is also the most straightforward.

map of route to Jenolan via Bathurst


Approx travel times

Approx distances

From Katoomba, drive west on the Great Western Highway to Lithgow.

39 min.


At Lithgow, continue on the Great Western Highway to Bathurst.

53 min.


Just before Bathurst, turn left on Littlebourne Street.
This takes you through the tiny village of O’Connell, and on to the small town of Oberon.

36 min.



At Oberon, turn left onto Carrington Avenue, the main street. There are shops and 3 fuel stations in Oberon – last fuel before Jenolan. 



Turn into Ross Street and then Edith Road. Stay on Edith Road, all the way to Jenolan.

28 min.



2 hrs, 36 min.


Before setting out for Jenolan, always check www.livetraffic.comfor possible road closures or delays. You must arrive at the top of Two Mile Road 1 hour and 45 minutes before the start of your first booked activity so you can be escorted down to the Jenolan Caves car park by a Transport for NSW escort vehicle.

4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains NSW. Ph: 1300 76 33 11 or +61 2 6359 3911

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