Jenolan Caves

Have your say about our Masterplan

You now have the opportunity to review and comment on major revitalization plans proposed for Jenolan Caves through the Grand Arch Masterplan.

The Grand Arch Masterplan is now on display, until 31 January, 2023.

Click here to view the Grand Arch Masterplan (11mb).

We invite you to view and provide feedback about our Grand Arch Masterplan - a blueprint for the future of one of Australia’s most iconic tourist attractions.  It is a comprehensive proposal to transform the Jenolan Caves above-ground precinct, over the next 5 years, to meet the high expectations of 21st century visitors, while protecting the many unique heritage aspects of the site.

Have your say

Have your say before Tuesday, 31 January, 2023, 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Please email your feedback to

4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains NSW. Ph: 1300 76 33 11 or +61 2 6359 3911

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