Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves Weather

Underground, our limestone caves are a constant 15-16 degrees Celcius - perfect for exploring!  However, above ground, the weather can vary. 

The average rainfall is 964mm, drier than Sydney, but wetter than Canberra. 

Wear non-slip walking shoes, because our caves can can be slippery sometimes.

Jenolan Caves is 839 metres above sea level. To get here, you travel through the highest parts of the Blue Mountains, up to 1,300 metres. The temperature is comfortable most of the year, and can be hot in Summer (December to February).  However, in Winter (June to August), you may encounter light snow, and roads might be icy. 

In Winter, wear a warm jacket that you can easily remove and carry underground. 

We recommend that you check here, for updated road conditions.


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