Jenolan Caves

The Spectacular Cathedral Chamber

wedding venues blue mountainsDeep underground in the Lucas Cave, the Cathedral Chamber is our most popular wedding venue.

Filled with dramatic limestone formations and subtly lighting, this chamber is one of Jenolan's biggest - 52 metres at its highest point. It enjoys perfect acoustics, contains seating and can accommodate larger weddings - up to 100 guests, with singers and musicians (with small instruments, for example, a string quartet). If you prefer pre-recorded wedding music, we can upload your choice to our sound system before your wedding.

There are approximately 300 stair steps to reach this chamber, but you and your guests will have ample time and support to get there. One guide will escort the groomsmen and guests to the chamber. A short while later, the other guide will escort the bride and her attendants.

Due to the public demand for the Lucas Cave, weekend weddings must take place after 4pm (and after 6pm during school holidays & public holidays).

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