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Our Caves Remain Temporarily Closed

Our hotel AND historic Chisolm's Restaurant are open for pre-booked guests. Our cafe and 3 of our beautiful bushwalks are open.  However, our cave tours are still closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We are continuing to monitor advice from the NSW Government’s Chief Medical Officer and NSW Health, with regard to safely reopening the cave tours. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience during this time, while we continue to prioritise the health and safety of our staff and visitors.

Blue Lake Restoration Project - CHECK FOR Periodic Road Closure

We have started WORK TO RESTORE the Blue Lake TO its former pristine CONDITION, which was significantly impacted BY February's damaging floods. While the work is being done, drivers can use Edith Road, as Jenolan Caves Road will close from time to time.

AT Jenolan, our Blue Lake Walk, River Walk AND Grand Arch will also be closed. Desilting the Blue Lake has many benefits, most importantly TO protect AND improve the habitat FOR our LOCAL population of platypus, AS well AS TO ENABLE the UPGRADE of the iconic Blue Lake Boardwalk, which IS planned FOR early TO MID-2021. IF you have ANY comments, concerns OR wish TO find OUT more about the Blue Lake Restoration Project, please email

USE Edith Road

WHILE this WORK IS being done, Jenolan Caves Road may CLOSE FROM TIME TO time. So BEFORE coming TO Jenolan, it IS very important TO CHECK  Live Traffic NSW website. You can still get to Jenolan by detouring onto Duckmaloi Road, Titania Road and Edith Road. This easy detour will add approximately 40 minutes to your trip. Coaches and buses greater than 12-seat capacity cannot use Edith Road. 

We offer complete booking flexibility for Caves House and dining at Chisolm’s Restaurant. For further information or to make alternative booking arrangements, please call us on 1300 76 33 11.

The magical, must-see destination in the World Heritage Blue Mountains

Jenolan Caves are the largest, most spectacular and most famous caves in Australia.  Explore the world's oldest caves - one of the most outstanding cave systems in the world.

You are never too young or old to experience the amazing - award-winning tours, adventure caving, scenic bush walks and Australian Aboriginal culture.  Glimpse Australian birds and animals in the wild, including kangaroos and platypus.  

Relax in our magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant, café or bar.  We even offer accommodation - hotel, motel, cottage or backpacker lodge.  

More than a tourist attraction, we also host school excursions, unique weddings, conferences and team building days. Set in Blue Mountains World Heritage wilderness, Jenolan Caves are a national treasure of awe-inspiring beauty and scale.  

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